REVIEW: BAOS presents Fiddler on the Roof


ANATEVKA. A village full of tradition. One where its inhabitants seem to be stuck in their ways and aren’t open to change.

For decades, this small Jewish village has been the setting for the world-famous Fiddler on the Roof.

On Tuesday, 13 March, it was the turn of the Basingstoke Amateur Operatic Society (BAOS) to give its rendition of the famous musical at the Haymaket.

We are led through the story by Tevye (played by the highly entertaining Raymond Burton) who sets the scene of village life and the struggles of having five daughters.

With a minimal set, the members of BAOS managed to fill the Haymarket stage and create a real sense of community with Tevye and his family at its heart.

The constant moving parts gave a real sense of the gossip of a busy little village travelling fast.

Those familiar with the story know that the crux of the narrative focuses on Tevye’s daughters Tzeitel (Emily Carmichael), Hodel (Sienna Hughes), and Chava (Megan Hindmarsh), as they grow up and fall in love in a time of change in Russia.

It is this trio’s rendition of Matchmaker that shows the talent these three young women have, Hughes in particular showcasing a voice that would not be out of place in the West End.

As is the BAOS ethos of showcasing both young and old performers,there was a good balance of young energy and fantastic comedic timing from the older members of the cast.

Rachel Philips as the match maker Yente and Burton provided laughs during what is quite a serious subject matter.

For the opening night there were a few minor hiccups and stumbling over lines, but as the Good Book Says, the show must go on, and cast members managed to not let this faze them.

One thing is guaranteed after watching BAOS put on a stellar performance, you will walk away from the Haymarket humming the tune of If I Were a Rich Man, and I challenge anyone to try not to.

BAOS presents Fiddler on the Roof runs at the Haymarket until March 17.

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