Statement of Intent

All children and young people have an absolute right to be safe from harm. We will take all necessary steps to ensure that everyone in our care is enabled to be emotionally and physically safe. As part of these steps, we will:-

  • Hold a register of every child/young person involved with the group, including relevant medical information and emergency contact details of their parent/guardian.
  • Respect the child/young person and provide a safe and positive environment.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person and treat everyone equally within the context of the activity.
  • Be publicly open when working with children/young people, avoiding situations where a child/young person may be alone unobserved with a Limelight volunteer.
  • As a minimum, provide 1 DBS checked volunteer or licensed chaperone to every 12 children at all rehearsals/performances.
  • Where possible, provide male and female chaperones to a mixed group of children/young people.
  • Have a robust signing-in and out procedure in place for the receiving and collection of children to and from rehearsals/performances.
  • Have a robust procedure in place for the recording and responding to incidents and accidents.
  • Ensure that all Limelight volunteers are:-
    • Registered as a Chaperone with HCC (including DBS check), OR
    • We have undertaken a DBS check prior to their becoming actively involved with children/young people in our care, OR
    • Are volunteers under the constant supervision of either a licensed chaperone or DBS checked volunteer and work only as a pair.
  • Ensure that all Limelight volunteers/chaperones have received a chaperone pack detailing our Safeguarding Policy and the process to be followed should there be any concern raised/allegation made regarding a child or young person’s safety.
  • Ensure that no photographs or video footage are taken of any child or young person in our care without the prior written consent of the parent/guardian.