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Jesus Christ Superstar, 2004

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Performance dates: 22-27 March 2004
Venue: Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke


Jesus David McClaren
Judas Nic Main
Mary Sarah Brickell
Caiphas Frank Bell
Annas Simon Brickell
Pontius Pilate Martin Sampson
Simon Zealotes Colin Woolmer
Peter David Izzo
King Herod Tim Price
Soul Girls Sally Airey, Stephanie Webb,
Jo Feasey, Karen Watson,
Kathy May-Miller, Sam Cobb
Priests Tony Bevan, Martin Palmer

Production team:
Director: Sue Sampson
Assisted by: Sarah Brickell
Musical Director: Anne Bell
Stage Director: Peter Brenchley


Jesus Christ Superstar chronicles the last seven days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth as seen through the eyes of his disciple, Judas Iscariot, who has become disillusioned with the movement. At the opening of the play, Judas agonizes over his perception that Jesus’ followers have become fanatical and unrealistic, hailing him as a god and twisting his words into monstrous prophecies. After all, in Judas’ mind, Jesus is only a man–a man with certain inconsistencies, as evidenced by his relationship with Mary Magdalene. As the crowds in the street grow more and more out of control, the rift between Jesus and Judas grows. After watching Jesus lose control in the temple, lashing out at the moneylenders and merchants, then begging to be left alone when a crowd of cripples surround him asking to be healed, Judas is more convinced than ever that the man from Nazareth is just that–a man, and nothing more. He determines that Jesus, having lost control of the mob, has become dangerous and must be stopped. He goes to the priests and gives them all the information they need to catch Jesus alone so that they can take him prisoner without risking violence by the mob. After leading the soldiers to Gethsemane, however, and watching the events that unfold, Judas soon realizes that he has been tricked by God into being the instrument of Jesus martyrdom. Furious that the man from Nazareth will be remembered as a “Superstar,” Judas hangs himself.