Combat Workshop Announced

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  • Post published:08/07/2015
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Are you interested in being part of our 2016 production of West Side Story? Or perhaps you’d just like to learn stage combat techniques?

BAOS will be holding a stage combat workshop on 6th September.  Run by True Edge (, the course will outline the principles behind stage fighting. Various techniques – including hair pulling, ear pulling, head locks, kicks, slaps, punches, reactions and knaps (making the sound of the hit) – for working with another person will be looked into and demonstrated.

The issues of how one “helps” the aggressor achieve the desired effect will also be demonstrated. There will be ample opportunities at every stage for all students involved to take part and practice techniques and at all times, the issue of everyone’s safety will be stressed and redressed.  Knife fighting will also be covered in the workshop.

For more information and to sign up, please email BAOS Comms