Role on Committee and what does that entail?

Marketing. To ensure our fantastic society (and productions) get the ‘bums on seats’ I help create marketing plans and social media strategies to entice our audiences. Updating this wonderful website (if I say so myself) and social media platforms means I have to be fully aware of the society and it’s members movements. I am also responsible for the marketing materials (flyers, posters and programmes).

What shows have you been in with BAOS?

My first show on stage with BAOS was MADE IN DAGENHAM. I have been responsible for the website for a couple of years now and have helped create marketing materials for the last couple of years (both BAOS and BAOS Limelight.). Materials include MY FAIR LADY, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, THE ADDAMS FAMILY and A CLASS APART.

Favourite show with BAOS and why?

It has to be MADE IN DAGENHAM. This was my first show on stage with BAOS and departure from my ‘usual role’. Being a tapper I am usually the romantic lead – with MID I played the male, chauvinistic husband who transforms into his wife’s biggest supporter. With a great cast, it was a real team effort and was fantastic to be part of. (I also enjoyed making the audience cry every night with my solo song)

All-time favourite show? (and why)

No brainer – LES MISERABLES. The music is amazing, the story is inspiring and it’s a classic. I have over 12 different recordings, I have seen a german production and been lucky enough to have been given a backstage tour by our very own Jean Valjean, Adam Bayjou (the best JVJ I have seen – honest).


I have been lucky to perform with many theatre companies over the years but BAOS has to be one of the most welcoming. BAOS has a real family feel and know I have friends for life.

An interesting fact we might not know?

Whilst working at Disneyland, Paris I ‘helped’ Cinderella’s fairy godmother during the parade. This was the only time I have really felt like a princess.

A side fact – whilst ‘helping’ Pluto during an ice skating show I broken my hand in 2 places (I was nowhere near the ice).