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Music by
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DirectorRita Prowting
Assistant DirectorJustin Hereford
Musical DirectorVic Sandoe
Chorus MasterRoy Oldham




Sir Richard CholmondeleyFrank Bell
Colonel fairfaxRay McNeil Aitken
Sergeant MeryllColin Terry
Leonard meryllPaul Gray
jack PointGary Pond
Wilfred ShadboltFrank Allen
First YeomanClive richards
Second YeomanTim Price
First CitizenRoger Rood
Second CitizenMark Goodspeed
Elsie maynardTracey Gonzato
Phoebe MeryllJean Kelly
Dame CarruthersEvelyn Harriss
KateTheresa Lunn


Sharon Francis
Barbara Ingram
Liz Robinson
Lynne Scott
Sally Watson
Beverley Webb


Derek Archer
Anne Beck
Anne Bell
Ray Bilton
Margaret Bogar
June Bojie
Elizabeth Brassington
Colin Bunett
Norah Castle-Bray
Peter Challen
Bridge Clarke
Penny Courtney
Roy Courtney
Charles Dellow
Jack Devlin
Lynne Edwards
Ben Foad
Philip Gibbons
Reg Heath
Jeanette Henshaw
Peter Henshaw
Anne Hurst
Mark Jurst
Charles Kerr
Alberta Little
Harold Little
George Lovett
Peter May-Miller
Walter Mccormick
Rita Mccormick
Jason Morriss
Shirley Pizzey
Mavis Ramsden
Norman Truscott
Graham Utteridge
Christine Young


Production Managers 
Stage ManagerMike Robinson
Stage CrewJohn Bastable, Tom Kilty, Jim Morris, Ian Rapley
Lighting DesignMike Robinson
Lighting OperativeKevin Wood, Graham Haywood, Steve Poulter
SetSay Bloxham
PropertiesJune Hopkins
Properties AssistantIan Fisher, Sally harding, Fiona Kelly, Andrew Pearson
WardrobeDorothy Bayliss
Wardrobe AssistantJuliet Fehr, Mary Pierce, Sally Snook, Celia Uteeridge, Dorren Woods, Gemma Young
CostumesThe Haslemere Wardrobe, rent-a-Sword
Make-Up and HairBrenda Bastable, Hiliary Trodd, Denise Young
PhotographyRay Prowting
Publicity Photographsjack Cruttenden and Joe de Broize (AA Fanum Club)
Sales and Marketingtracey Gonzato, Tim Price
Publicity Materials and ProgrammeColin Geary, tracey Gonzato, Tim Price
Rehearsal PianistsMavis Lloyd, Sylvia Orrick, Martin Tuck
ContinuityMelanie Such

The Yeomen of the Guard, or The Merryman and His Maid is Gilbert and Sullivan’s sparkling comic opera set in Shakespearean times during the reign of King Henry VIII. It is the darkest and most emotionally engaging of the Savoy Operas. The show takes place in the Tower of London where the gentleman Colonel Fairfax is wrongly accused of sorcery and sentenced to death within the hour. Fairfax hatches a plan to avoid letting his estate fall into the hands of his scheming cousin (incidentally, his accuser) by secretly marrying Elsie Maynard, a strolling singer. She agrees to be blindfolded during the ceremony and expects to be a wealthy widow upon Fairfax’s imminent demise, leaving her free to marry her lover, the jester Jack Point. However, Fairfax miraculously escapes his fate and chaos ensues. Following his escape, Fairfax woos Elsie, and after a number of plot complications are resolved, she falls in love with him.

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