Limelighters step into the roaring 1920’s with Bugsy Malone

BAOS Limelight has been working hard over the summer under the watchful eyes of Nick Brannam (Director) and Simon Eastwood (Musical Director). We are due to open the doors to the  classic Bugsy Malone, at QMC Hall in October (26th – 28th).

We are currently producing the programme for Bugsy Malone and would like to offer you or your company the opportunity to advertise within or sponsor it and support Limelight.

Price start at £20 for a 1/4 page, £35 for a half page and £65 for a whole page. This will include publicity on social media and links to your company website or social media pages.

Advertising revenue greatly helps Limelight by reducing the costs and enables us to put the funds back into the group for future productions.

It may be a useful reminder that BAOS and BAOS Limelight are a registered charity no. 1103166. Often companies have charitable funds which they can donate to the local community.

Please feel free to pass this on to any friends, family or colleagues who you think might be interested in supporting BAOS Limelight