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Fiddler on the Roof, 2007

Performance dates: 23-27 January 2007
Venue: The Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke


Colin Woolmer
Kathy May-Miller
Helen Palmer
Hodel Charlotte Barnes
Chav Cari Deaves
Gordon Sutton
David Izzo
Adam Bayjou
Lazar Wolf
Tim Price
Caroline Price
Fruma Sarah
Gabrielle Esplin
Grandma Tzeitel
Julie Sutton

Production team:

Director: Gail Lowe
Musical Director: Anne Bell
Choreographer: Andy Gutteridge


The year is 1905 and a Jewish community in Tsarist Russia is trying to eke out a living in its shtetl in the village of Anatevka. Tevye is a milkman who has a personal relationship with God in whom he confides all. He strives, very hard, to keep up the traditions of his faith, race and culture. He has five daughters, itself a problem but what is more pressing is trying to find husbands for the eldest three children. Yente, the matchmaker, does her best, but with no dowry to offer, she finds that her work is very difficult. Even so, the girls dream of the love that they will find one day. Tevye makes his way home, dreaming of an easier life. He arrives just in time for the Sabbath Prayer, which is echoed throughout the Jewish community.
Tevye is manipulated by his wife Golde into meeting up with the wealthy butcher Lazar Wolf (who he doesn’t like). Lazar is interested in marrying Tevye’s eldest daughter Tzeitel. After much confusion, they make an agreement and celebrate. However, Tzeitel begs Tevye to recant his promise, as she has pledged her troth to the young tailor, Motel. Tevye, not wanting to hurt his daughter, agrees. To placate Golde, Tevye conjures up a dream in which the ghost of Golde’s Grandma Tzeitel would much prefer her granddaughter to marry the tailor. When the dream ghost of Fruma Sarah (Lazar’s first wife) promises to curse the marriage, Golde is pursuaded.

At the wedding ceremony between Motel and Tzeitel, there is a pogrom, an anti-Jewish demonstration, orchestrated by the Chief of Police, which casts into doubt the stability of Jewish life in Tsarist Russia.
Tevye’s second daughter, Hodel, has fallen in love with Perchik, a political student and an activist against the repressive regime. Perchik has to leave urgently for Kiev, but before leaving asks Hodel to marry him. Tevye refuses to give his permission for Hodel and Perchik to marry, but they tell Tevye that they are not asking his permission to marry; merely his blessing. Tevye relents, then explains this to Golde, comforting her with the thought that love is constant. Later, Perchik is arrested and is to be sent to Siberia. Hodel leaves join him. She promises her father they will be married, under a canopy, in the traditional Jewish way. Her father accompanies her to the railway station to bid her farewell.

Chava, Tevye’s third daughter falls in love with Fyedka, a Russian soldier. As he is not Jewish, they elope and marry in front of a priest. When Chava returns to talk to her father, Tevye cannot reconcile himself to this massive break with Tradition. From this point on, Chava ceases to be his daughter and is shunned.
Meanwhile, Anatevka itself is under threat. The Jews are being forced to leave their homes. Many of them decide to go to live in America where many of them have friends and relations. Tevye and Golde and the two youngest children are to go there. Motel and Tzeitel, who now have a child of their own, will join them in the future. Chava and Fyedka, shunned by the Jews and hating what is happening in Russia, leave for Poland.

Anything Goes, 2006

Performance dates: 20th – 25th March 2006
Venue: Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke


Billy Crocker David Izzo
Reno Sweeney Kathy May-Miller
Moonface Martin Simon Brickell
Hope Harcourt Jessica Ridley
Erma Sarah Brickell
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh Colin Woolmer
Mrs. Harcourt Kate Youll
Elisha Whitney David Scanlan
Luke Gordon Sutton
John Andy Tungate
Captain Peter Francis
Purser Peter Chiverton
Fred Martin Palmer
Angels (x4) Cari Deaves, Jenny Moseley, Kim Knights, Stephanie Webb

Production team:
Director: Gail Lowe
Musical Director: Roy Oldham
Stage Director: Andy Gutteridge


Set in the 1930s, the story takes place on a luxury ocean liner sailing from New York to England. As the show opens, the ship’s crew is readying it for passengers. Reno Sweeney, a famous nightclub singer, is on board with her Angels as the entertainment. Hope Harcourt, a socialite, is sailing with her mother and her fiancé, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. He is handsome, wealthy, and a bit of a fop. Hope is not in love with him but the marriage will secure the future for her and her mother. Once wealthy, the family lost just about everything in the 1929 stock market crash and her father committed suicide.
Elisha Whitney, a Wall Street business tycoon, is also on board. His assistant, Billy Crocker, boards the ship to give his boss his forgotten passport and sees Hope Harcourt. The two had met previously and he still harbors a romantic a attraction towards her. Impulsively, Billy decides to stay on the ship when it leaves New York, even though he promises his boss he will work on an important business deal. He is forced to hide because he doesn’t have a passport or a ticket. He bumps into a small time crook, Moonface Martin, who is traveling dressed as a minister because he is wanted by the FBI. Moonface’s cohort, Snake Eyes, hasn’t shown up for the trip so Moonface gives Billy his passport and ticket, both under an assumed name. Billy and Moonface travel in disguise with Erma, Snake Eyes’ girlfriend, who enjoys flirting with all of the sailors. Other passengers on board include Reverend Henry T. Dobson, a missionary in China, and two of his recent converts, Luke and John.

Once the ship leaves harbor, Billy uses a variety of disguises to avoid being discovered. During the voyage, he tries to convince Hope that he is in love with her and she shouldn’t marry Lord Evelyn. Reno, who is an old friend of Billy’s, agrees to help him by pretending to seduce Lord Evelyn. In the process, she discovers that she actually finds him attractive, but he has no idea she’s interested, at least for awhile. When it’s discovered that two gangsters, Moonface and Snake Eyes, are on board, the passengers are excited to have celebrities and the pair become instant heroes. But soon they are thrown in the brig by the ship’s captain. Reno leads an impromptu revival meeting for the infamous passengers to confess their sins. Getting into the spirit, Lord Evelyn confesses he previously had a fling with a woman named Plum Blossom in China. Meanwhile Billy and Moonface plot their escape from the brig by enticing Luke and John into a game of cards to win their clothes.

Mrs. Harcourt sees that Hope’s interest in Billy is growing and doesn’t want the marriage to be stalled, so she arranges for the captain to marry Hope and Lord Evelyn immediately on the ship. At the wedding, Reno appears, disguised as Plum Blossom, with Billy and Moonface, disguised as Chinese men. They say that Lord Evelyn must marry Plum Blossom to make an honest woman of her. Realizing that it’s Reno, he readily agrees that would be the proper thing to do and Hope agrees to release him from their engagement. Hope and Billy are then free to marry. Elisha Whitney suddenly proposes to Mrs. Harcourt and she accepts, so the captain performs a triple wedding ceremony on the spot. The cast does a big tap finalé and everyone lives happily every after.