Role on Committee and what does that entail?

President – Very privileged to be president of BAOS who has been performing for 97 years. My role is to promote the society encourage membership, sit on audition panels and generally support committee.

What shows have you been in with BAOS?

I have done many shows over the 29 yrs with BAOS and enjoyed playing a variety of roles as well as production manager for several shows, and backstage crew.

Favourite show with BAOS and why?

OLIVER!, This was a family affair. Tim (husband) played Mr Bumble and son George and Grandaughter Rachel were workhouse children.

All-time favourite show? (and why)

BILLY ELLIOTT – the story is real, emotional dancing amazing alongside the comedy


Made to feel very welcome very encouraging. BAOS is known for its family feeling.

An interesting fact we might not know?

I am a previous foster mother to 14 children.